Sound Shore Tile

GREEN Construction - LEED and Low VOC materials and products
   Sound Shore Tile also provides environmentally concious products.
We have GREEN tiles and stone, cements, grouts, sealants and materials.  These are LEED contributing and Greenguard certified to provide low VOC levels.

        Very low VOC content, meets or exceeds all federal and state air quality regulations, including California.  This reduces the use of hazardous or toxic materials, reduced offgassing to the minimum levels, and created formulations that prevent indoor air quality problems.  The products we use have a long history of safe use even by the chemically sensitive, and are LEED qualified where applicable.

Our products are made from pre and post consumer recyled products . 
  • Natural Stone and Slab
  • Glazed and Matte Floor and Wall Tile
  • Mosaic and Glass
  • Adhesives, Cements, Sealants , etc.

For more on LEED and Green Construction, please visit:

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